Automate compliance with Impero

Discover how you can digitize finance processes, internal controls and risk management at this webinar.

Play Video about Automating compliance, webinar
Play Video about Automating compliance, webinar


This webinar guides you through the Impero platform, touching on:

  • What are typical challenges and what solutions does Impero offer?
  • A guided tour through the Impero platform
    You’ll see how easy it is to:
    • Manage risks and mitigating actions
    • Automate your programs and processs
    • Set up a control
    • Establish reporting
    • Use metadata and tags to structure and filter controls
    • Produce high quality documentation which is always easy to find
    • Manage users and access

Why see this webinar?

  • Hear about best-practice solutions to typical challenges
  • Thorough run-through of the platform
  • See for yourself how tax and finance frameworks can become automated workflows with just a few clicks
Impero GRC - Governance, Risk, Compliance

Your hosts are:

Morten Schleicher Christensen is the Head of Customer Support at Impero. He and his team onboards Impero’s new customers and supports our existing ones. 

Jeanne Koch Rasmussen is Business Development Director, bringing a decade of experience in the risk management and compliance field. Jeanne focuses on simplifying ways of working for companies through digitized automation of tasks and controls with intuitive workflows.

Further information

Do you have any questions regarding this webinar, please write to us at mail@impero.com