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Reuse documentation with Impero

In large organizations, the same documentation can be needed in different departments, at different times and for different purposes. The same documentation that may be used internally in the organization, may also be required by external partners or public authorities. Providing the different stakeholders with the same documentation is a process that can quickly become time-consuming and ineffective due to the many people involved.

Using software to reuse documentation 
A way to optimize the process of providing documentation is to utilize a software solution that supports the reusing of documentation. Impero is a cloud-based compliance solution that supports reuse of documentation through its intuitive framework. All documentation can be saved and stored in Impero, allowing users to access and reuse information efficiently from anywhere in world. Impero reduces documentation efforts and maintenance, while also ensuring that the documentation is correct.

Benefits of reusing documentation
Large and Medium-sized Companies in various industries reuse their documentation through Impero. Documentation is only performed once, and can afterwards be reused, creating an efficient workflow where relevant stakeholders can access the information directly, minimizing the disturbance of employees. Impero ensures that documentation is provided in the agreed form, involving the correct people and at the right time.

Stakeholders can access all relevant documentation once granted access by an Impero administrator. Reusing documentation in Impero minimizes the involvement of employees, which streamlines the workflow. If a stakeholder is missing documentation, it is just necessary to access Impero and obtain the information, instead of involving employees and using valuable time.

Reusing documentation contributes to a significant reduction in time spent on providing documentation and will improve the overall productivity. With Impero, documentation will only have to be performed once. Reusing documentation will reduce time and money spent, while at the same time creating a more efficient and stable workflow.

About Impero
Impero is a cloud-based software solution that simplifies compliance. The solution has a unique and light-weight approach that helps companies achieve compliance in various areas including GRC, SOX compliance, IT general controls, tax frameworks, and management controlling.