Simpler, speedier SOX compliance

SOX Compliance, Simplified.

Many businesses find challenges with scoping, implementing and testing controls, leading to deficiencies and weaknesses in their 20-F.

With an endless list of potential consequences like management losing credibility and unhappy investors, it’s crucial to have your SOX compliance in line.

But what many companies don’t realize is that you can make SOX compliance simpler, speedier and less resource-intensive.

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Potential benefits of Impero

  • Reduced audit fees
  • Optimization of finance resources
  • Optimization of internal and external audit resources
  • Automated workflows
  • Efficiency in controls documentation through a single repository

Ready to automate your company’s SOX compliance? 

Simpler SOX compliance in action

As a listed company on the NASDAQ in both New York and Copenhagen, Danish TORM needs compliance management practices it can trust.

How has software helped TORM streamline its SOX compliance, and what are the benefits of switching to software to get the job done?

SOX Compliance & the Impero use case

Are you looking to remove some of the headache of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance?

It has been two decades since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) obliged companies that are listed in the United States to implement a “SOX compliant” controls environment. We guess that you already know about SOX and its requirements. 

You are here though because you are hoping to make SOX compliance easier or less resource-intensive – potentially through technology.

Why is SOX on your agenda?

Perhaps yours is a private company preparing for an IPO. Or maybe you are in the throes of an organizational restructuring that makes it difficult to track your internal controls. Or perhaps time has moved on and you are re-evaluating the adequacy of your control environment. It could be that your organization has been SOX compliant for years, but your control documentation is largely a scattering of excel sheets stored across the organization – and you are looking for a way to reduce that complexity and enhance control and transparency.

Reduce compliance risk with Impero

Impero can help you with all of the above, thanks to our simple-to-implement risk management and controls platform that enables you to automate your internal controls. In fact, we would argue that managing the risk of financial misstatement is easier now than it has ever been – it can also be less costly. And it all comes down to tools and technology. From risk identification, evaluation and mitigation to controls design, operation, documentation and testing, Impero can help you digitize and automate the whole process, drastically reducing compliance risk.

How can Impero help you meet SOX requirements?​

SOX requirement​
Impero functionality

Internal controls assuring the reliability of financial reports and disclosures must be established and maintained

Create a formal link between financial statement line-item risks, process level risks and related internal controls. Design risks and internal controls and assign them to entities, business areas, etc., based on your own tailored scope, risk assessment and organizational design.

SOX compliance officers and other key stakeholders can easily work with risks and internal controls as a continuous process; no need for external specialists with this intuitive platform.

Internal controls must be performed and documented

Design and apply internal controls to entities, business areas etc., assign them with the desired performance frequency to specific employees and managers within the organization. The automated workflow notifies employees and managers when internal controls are to be performed and reviewed, ensuring timely performance of controls.

When a task or internal control is performed in Impero, it is automatically documented creating an immediate audit trail; no need to export and clean up data.  The ability to upload documentation allows one single SOX control documentation repository to be maintained.

The signing officers must evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s internal controls

Use the reporting module to monitor and evaluate controls performance and identify outliers with pivoted reporting functionality – even down to specific internal controls or employees – to verify the effectiveness of the internal controls.

The signing officers must certify whether an effective control environment exists

Report easily to the signing officers, Board of Directors etc. exporting reporting directly from Impero. You can export reports and overviews from Impero, or even give your management and board viewing access to Impero enabling them to assess the control environment.

Audits of internal controls must be performed

Grant auditors viewing access to Impero. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to provide auditors with requested data and documentation.