It’s time to strengthen your month-end closing

Month-end closing, Simplified.

How often do you or your team spend hours, maybe even days, chasing information for your month-end closing processes?

The documentation? The emails? The phone calls?

What if you could be confident that the processes always works? What if you could always be certain?

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Month-end closing – at a glance

Did you know that the average organization needs 6.4 calendar days to close out a month’s book with some organizations needing over 10 days. Changing the process can be difficult and any wrong step or wrong information reported can have significant consequences for your organization. By choosing Impero, organizations like Maersk have been able to decrease time, cost, and efforts with tasks pertaining to month-end closing.

How can Impero help you optimize your month-end closing?

Internal Controls

Easy to use and transparent, so you save time

Searching for clear deadlines and expectations of what needs to be done and by whom? Automate processes with clear deadlines and assign responsible to tasks and controls with specific instructions to guide the assigned through a secure standardized execution.

Easily create tasks and controls with relevant details and set deadlines to automatically trigger the tasks and controls on the correct business day. Reminder emails are sent to the assignees when the time is right- they’ll just get an email to complete a control. It’s that easy!

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Create a control
Reporting in Impero
Reporting & Documentation

Get reports in real-time so you can take action right when you need to

Real-time status of control completion for faster and efficient decision making via the reporting dashboard. When a control has been completed it is logged in Impero automatically.

In fact, reports are automatically sent out to managers on all levels of the organization.

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Documentation and Audit trail

All documents stored in one place  

Reduce the risk of errors and simplify the process for auditors by storing all documentation pertaining to month-end in one secure shared place making it easy to identify and address potential mistakes and errors.

Auditors can be granted a view access to Impero, significantly reducing the time and effort required to provide them with requested data and documentation.

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Strengthen your month-end closing process with Impero and Basico

Learn more about how you can automate and strengthen your month-end closing process with our new template solution in partnership with Basico.