Say goodbye to compliance by spreadsheet

Do you track your compliance activities by spreadsheet? Is Excel where you keep a log of your organization’s controls, risks and audit documentation?

Say goodbye to the error messages, the manual mistakes and the hours – or days – spent chasing the information you need.

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Fast. Efficient. Secure.

What if you could be confident that your processes for compliance always work? What if you could always be certain?

At Impero, we believe this is possible – and we believe it should be easier to trust that companies like yours live up to the promises they make.

Impero delivers what your spreadsheet can't

Instant overview, customizable to your needs
Impero gives you instant visibility and reporting by region, country, process, year, status, subsidiary, and more. Find what you're looking for faster with a personalized overview of controls, users and user groups - then share the link with others.
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Automated controls
Do away with repetitive, manual tasks like control checks, approvals or reminders. Save time and get the job done with automatic reminders and approval notifications in Impero.
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Fewer errors
Does manual data entry in your spreadsheet increase the risk of error messages, miscalculations or formulas that just don't work? Keep your change logs up to date, with the information you really need with Impero.
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Time saved
Whether it's documents attached to the right controls or fewer emails and phone calls following up on information, Impero eliminates the back-and-forth so you can focus on the job at hand.
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Controls and reviews assigned to the right person
Use Impero to assign controls or request approval from the right person. Are they on vacation or have they moved out of the team? Easily reassign controls in Impero to get the job done.
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Audit information in one place
Stay on top of all regulations and compliance programs thanks to a central hub for all required documentation. Impero automatically archives documentation from all your controls and processes on a single platform.
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Scalable to your needs
Achieve full organizational buy-in with smooth and quick implementation based on user-friendly platform. Easily scale and adjust your compliance setup by adding business units and controls in a simple way.
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Enterprise-level security and support
All teams store and access documents and reports in one place built on state-of-the-art SaaS cloud technology. Plus Impero uses the highest recommended standard of algorithms for encrypting your data, and both data-at-rest and data-in-transit are protected by default.
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Easy implementation to get you up and running
Effortless implementation through quick and easy onboarding with minimal training required, world-class support and video tutorials. In fact, without the need for login, Impero is so easy most teams don't even realize they're using it - they just get an email with a control.
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Clear the spreadsheet stumbling blocks

  • The hidden costs of manual processes – the phone calls, the emails, the reminders to get information 
  • Double checking of manual data entry
  • Difficulties in merging data from multiple sources
  • Forgetting to reallocate controls or reviews during vacation or absence
  • Limited data reliability, requiring extra checks before releasing information or making critical business decisions
  • No feature updates to make cut through manual processes 
  • No document storage, change logs or audit trails to improve your audit processes
  • Clunky authorization approvals
  • Limited automatic overview of essential information, such as on-time control completion rates, limiting your ability to react

Trusted to get the job done

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Discover the Impero difference

"We used Excel spreadsheets to track our compliance activities for all the tasks in our tax and finance offices, but this was too big to manage in a spreadsheet. That was when we knew we needed a control and compliance system.”

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