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Deep tax expertise and strong software

Put your tax control frameworks to life by combining KPMG Acor Tax’s unique insights on the elements of an efficient and sustainable tax control framework with Impero’s powerful solution to design, schedule and easily apply the controls to employees across the company.

Tightened regulatory requirements on transparency and more restrictive administration of the law by tax authorities present major challenges for the management of taxes and make a fully integrated tax control framework indispensable. Failure to conduct business in accordance with legislation has the potential of both leading to financial losses and penalties as well as misrepresentation that may damage a reputation severely.

Download our brochure here and learn more about the collaboration. Click here to read about Impero’s tax control framework software.

KPMG Acor Tax

KPMG provide tax advisory services on all tax aspects. KPMG Acor Tax are committed to redefine Professional Tax Services and create an innovative tax advisory firm in the Danish market, capable of fulfilling clients’ high requirements in Denmark and abroad. Learn more about KPMG Acor Tax here.

Try out Impero today, get a free trial hereStart your fully functional 30-day trial right now and dive into Impero’s solution. We’ve got tutorials to help you get started.