If time is money, Impero will save you a fortune!

If time is money, then time wasted is money wasted, and time saved is money saved – right?!

One thing that we repeatedly hear from our clients is how they save valuable time by running their internal controls in Impero. They tell us that they save far more time than they anticipated. Why? Because their processes are automated and streamlined, and because now, suddenly there is no ‘forgetting to perform controls’ – those who are running late on their tasks receive timely reminders automatically.

Our clients tell us that by using Impero, they can ensure that their internal controls are carried out by the right people in the right form at the right time – and in essence, being in control means that you can make better business decisions.

Minimizing the need for (peripheral) time-consuming tasks
Another aspect where Impero saves both time and money is in the minimization of travel. Travel time is minimized for our customers’ controlling functions as well as their internal audit functions. Rather than visiting different locations of the organization, they just need to be granted access to Impero to access the internal controls and the needed documentation. The controlling function and the audit function can therefore spend more time on discussing control design and implementation, and less time on control effectiveness, which can often be time-consuming. And, as you know, time is money.

Assurance providers
Assurance providers, both internal and external, can make use of the same documentation that the controlling function and the internal audit function uses, and, in order for them to be able to perform their tasks, they will just need to be granted access to Impero – which takes no time. This saves employees across the organization from spending redundant time on preparing material for yet another visit from a function that requires documentation for various processes and procedures. Using Impero might even make the organization able to centralize assurance work, which used to require local efforts from subsidiary auditors, insourced consultants, assistants, etc.


Impero is a cloud-based compliance solution that helps keep track of controls, activities and related tasks. Gathering all work in Impero makes accessing, sharing and creating documentation easy and efficient. Being cloud-based, Impero can be accessed from all kinds of devices: Smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., and, thanks to the intuitiveness of the platform, implementation takes no time.

If you are interested in learning more, we have reference users available to speak to. Just reach out to sales@impero.dk or schedule a demo here.

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