Training Sessions in Aarhus and Copenhagen

Last week, we held training sessions in Aarhus and Copenhagen for some of our clients. The training sessions sought to provide users with both the basis components of Impero as well as insights into how to further advance using Impero.

The training sessions were divided into two parts: a beginner session and an expert session.

Beginner session
The beginner session focused amongst other things on how to create a control, the different options that lie within scheduling (holiday periods, control submission, deadline vs. review deadline), as well as do’s and don’ts around structures, frequencies, etc. The session also focused on the valuable function of ‘tags’ in terms of creating valuable reports and intelligence over controls. The functions and possibilities within datasheets as well as the Impero filter were also covered. Finally, working within time zones and the possibilities within Impero Share were examined.

The purpose of the beginner session was to provide an extensive introduction to Impero, but also to provide insights to the various possibilities in the different elements of the solution. Though this was the beginner session, judging from the feedback, even experienced Impero users learned something new during the beginner session.

Expert session
The expert session covered risk maps in Impero: the different possibilities within risk maps and how to use overview functionalities to discuss completeness with internal and external auditors. Using Impero for a shared service center was also covered in terms of user groups, claim functions, etc. Other subjects included an in-depth segment on reporting, including task-based reporting, access management and authentication methods.

Training Sessions

The training sessions not only gave the participants insights into how to run and optimize their Impero environment: the participants also gave each other inspiration on how to run a healthy and effective control environment. We would like to thank all participants for their active participation in the sessions.

If you would like a training session with Impero that is tailored for your company – where we will dive into your control environment, look into ways of further advancing your use of Impero, and provide employees with valuable tools for using Impero – please reach out to for more information.

Training Session in Aarhus

Training Session in Aarhus

Training Session in Copenhagen

Training Session in Copenhagen

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