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Improve the way you manage risk and compliance

Set up automated workflows for control completion, approvals and reminders to eliminate repetitive tasks

Scalability and enterprise-level security

Automate manual tasks, controls and processes

Save time and eliminate manual and redundant tasks by automating, structuring, and digitalizing your compliance processes

Optimize and customize your compliance workflow to ensure a documented audit trail and effective risk mitigation

Digitize the entire workflow from control setup to follow-up and reporting


Optimize and customize compliance workflow

Ensure a documented audit trail and effective risk mitigation by optimizing your workflow

Reduce risks, errors or misconduct by managing controls and processes within the same platform across your organization

Customize and share reports with stakeholders through automated emails with permission levels 


Efficiency, consistency and high performance

Enjoy the ease of the drag ‘n drop builder and set up different task types with clear and consistent guidelines 

Increase efficiency with projected workload reports on both user and function level and push reports going straight to your inbox

Easily adjust your compliance setup and add new companies, business units, and controls in an intuitive way