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Gain full overview of finance & tax compliance and risk management

Manage and monitor all your controls, tasks, and documentation to mitigate risks effectively

Overview through reports and dashboards

Ensure compliance and mitigation of errors through reliable reporting

Mitigate the risk of errors and misconduct through reliable finance and tax reporting and customized KPIs

Organize and delegate tasks, deadlines and approvals to ensure a smooth and effective compliance process

Gain complete overview of impact and likelihood of risks and the specific risk mitigating consequences of your efforts

Enable your team to build customized and automated reports

Easily build reports based on real-time data across business units, functions, and responsibilities with the intuitive drag ‘n drop-tool

Monitor the completion status of all controls in one dashboard and automate approval levels and reminders 

Improve the quality of your controls by providing consistent and standardized guidelines 

Reports and dashboards, Impero Compliance and Risk
Transparency with Impero

Obtain transparency for stakeholders across organizational lines

Establish documentation of your compliance program and processes in one place and instantly obtain transparency

Manage permission levels and and get a complete audit trail of all activities across entities

Set up clearly defined and communicated responsibilities to ensure all controls and tasks are carried out on time