Workshop on Greenland

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Two weeks ago, we held a workshop in Greenland for our first clients in the country, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Sermersooq Municipality) and Naalakkersuisuit (Government of Greenland). We are thrilled that both have chosen Impero to run their controls and to be represented on Greenland.

The first day of the workshop was attended by employees from both Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisuit. The centre of the workshop was their new compliance solution – Impero, but it also included a presentation about internal control from both parties’ auditor. He talked about the importance of internal controls and the value it can generate. The importance of a good control environment was highlighted together with examples of how quality assurance of data can be a way to guard against risks. A well-functioning control environment creates value and helps protect against risks. After the auditor’s presentation, our CCO, Michael Holm and Sales and Support Manager, Morten Christensen presented the Impero solution to the attendees and had a great dialogue about the solution and its many opportunities in both administrations. They of course also demonstrated just how easy the solution actually is to set up and how fast you can get from implementation to full control.

Workshop with Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisuit
Joint workshop with Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisuit

We spent the following two days doing individual workshops at Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisuit where we worked with internal controls, put them into Impero, and created a structured system. Both parties will use Impero to run their month-end close. Both the employees at Sermersoq and Naalakkersuisuit were very involved in the process and were positive to the solution. The intuitiveness of the solution has ensured that they have already begun working in Impero. With Impero, they will be able to reduce the time spent on month-end close and gain a valuable overview on how well the process is going. Moreover, they will have one access point to documentation for both internal and external auditors.

Thank you, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisuit, for your warm welcome! We are happy to be your partners and we are looking forward to our future collaboration.